Research on novel robotic infrastructure

A wireless electric supply system with the communication function in area
Mobile devices are rapidly becoming widespread, there are some problems when charging. For example, it is hassle and loss of mobility position. Therefore, the system at any time, to allow charging anywhere is expected. It is called ubiquitous charge. we use a wireless charging robot as a source of power. A robot autonomously moves to a device with the power shortage, a power supply is automatically performed for the device by the robot. As a result, "location-free" electric-power supply can be achieved. MORE  
human tracking & Inverted pendulum mobile robot
In recent years, robots have been attracting attention as household welfare and for not just the industrial robot. Future, a robot will spread to public facilities and general household. However, there is a need for a robot to live together with humans, consider the behavior of the robot that corresponds to the behavior of people who were the top priority to safety and recognition of human stable. Currently, targeting self-propelled robot inverted pendulum type, I am aiming to build a human tracking system that takes the movement mechanism of the robot into account. MORE  

Energy management for mobile devices

The mobile electric power network by formation of space intelligence
In this study, we propose new automatic charging methods. (1) Automatic replacement (2) Charging robot. The automatic replacement is the method to replace automatically to a mobile device that has the same specification when insufficiently charged. It can be used for the mobile devices semi-permanently. The charging robot is a robot that serves to supply power directly to the mobile device that follows to a user who has mobile devices. In particular, in the large-scale indoor space such as shopping malls or airports, these two approaches will be able to make the most of the know-how of intelligent space. We will have more consideration that which method is effective or not, in any situation and users. Finally, we aim to match with wireless charging. MORE  
Optimization of the radio charge technique to a lithium ion battery
In recent years, the system using magnetic field resonant coupling which has the longest transmission distance as an efficient and radio electric power transmission system safe for a human body is expected. However, the research under the ideal environment using fixed load is most, and an early stage has the research on the radio charge for a battery. Then, radio charge to the lithium ion battery which is the leading role of a next-generation battery from the height of energy density is realized. In the radio charge to a lithium ion battery, necessity has control of the load characteristics for efficient sizing by control of the charge electric power for preventing degradation and destruction by fire, and the reflex inhibition of high-frequency power. Then, in order to realize simultaneously control of charge electric power and load characteristics, the system with two flexibilities which has input electric-power-conditioning apparatus and a DC-DC converter was built. Furthermore, a system is divided into a partial model, modeling by system identification is performed about strange models, such as a rectifier and a battery, and the air gap part which is a variable model is presuming by sensing, and realizes the control technique of a model base. MORE  

Realization of small human friendly mobility

Study on Affinitive Personal Vehicle using Driver’s Affection Estimation
Recently, to cope with low carbon society and diversification of individual mobility, new kinds of vehicles to expand our mobility have received a lot of attention. In response, the requirement for new devices or schemes which can support individual person’s mobility for “last one mile” is increasing. Here, a mobile scheme to support personal transportation is called personal mobility. MORE  

Interface intermidiating real world synchronized virtual reality

Research on Updating of Body Schema using AR Limb and Measurement of the Updated Value
BODY SCHEMA is a representation of one’s body that integrates multisensory information (visual, auditory, somatosensory) that is referred to subconsciously; this concept was introduced by Head and Holmes. The function of the body schema is to recall the position of the body and the length and shape of the various body parts derived from this position. MORE  


Research on examination for conduction method of non-fit in the wire harness
The wire harness means a transmission course of a control signal and the electricity in the car. It will be necessary for the connector terminal of the wire harness to be downsized by the weight and space saving of the car in the future. But if a connector terminal is downsized, the strength decreases. Therefore, by the examination of conduction method that a connector terminal and an inspection machine are fit, a connector terminal may be damaged. Therefore, the purposes of this research are the design of the idea for the method to perform an inspection to low load so that a connector terminal is not damaged and the development of an inspection machine. MORE